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Specialty Party Pack

These cute bottles are a smaller 3 inch version of my regular Fairy Dust Bottles. They can be done in any of the styles available in full size (they are not available for customization, names). They are the cutest little favors, and every party guest will rave about these gifts. Let your guests know that you appreciate them attending your party by giving them a gift that they will treasure!! Your party will be the talk of the town!

***$38 for a set of 12 bottles+s/h***

Please contact me for package size options.

Charming one of a kind Creations that are sure to bring a smile to every girls face.  Each one is as unique and individual as the girl that will receive it. They are available in a variety of colors and styles; they can even be customized with a charm and a monogram. You can mix and match style with verse or you can even write your own verse. Each one is a glass bottle approximately 6 inches tall. They are hand made to order with your special girl in mind.


Pink, Light Blue, Mint Green, Yellow, Lavender, White, Iridescent, Dark Pink, Red, Silver, Gold, Dark Blue.


Fairy Dust, Dream Dust, Giggle Dust, Sun Dust, Diva Dust, Tooth Fairy Dust, Twinkle Dust, Once Upon a Time Dust, Dancing Fairy Dust.


*Sprinkle anywhere fairy magic is needed. (Fairy Dust)

*Promotes twinkle toes. (Dancing Fairy Dust)

*May cause uncontrollable laughter and smiling. (Giggle Dust)

*Promotes toothless smiles. (Tooth Fairy Dust)

*Allows dreams to come true. (Dream Dust)

*Sprinkle any time to add a little light to your life. (Sun Dust)

*Adds glamour to every Diva's charm. (Diva Dust)

*Promotes happiness and laughter. (Twinkle Dust)

*Promotes happily ever after. (Once Upon a Time Dust)

Indicate requested Verse and Monogram in Special Instructions within PayPal.

Pricing: Bottle : $15.00