Chemo Companion  Bracelet


This inspiring bracelet will be your new Breast Buddy… the Chemo Companion. This bracelet is a countdown bracelet for Cancer patients, but functions more than a tool to keep track of how many doses of Chemo are remaining in the treatment. This bracelet serves as a constant reminder of how far the patient has come, allowing the patient to focus on the positive. Each number bead represents the number of rounds, and each colored bead in between represents the doses in that round. Simply place the inspirational charm next to the bead of the accomplished treatment. Several different size beads can also be incorporated to coordinate to the size of each dose. Each bracelet is made to order. This allows me to customize the bracelet to the specific treatment schedule of the patient. Christine’s Creations offers several color and charm options, including the pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon charm. Because this bracelet is made from Memory Wire, it is very easy and comfortable to wear. This bracelet will be an important form of optimism that no Cancer patient should be without.


Pricing:  $12.00