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                                    Peace of mind for mothers of breast and bottle feeding babies. 

This one of a kind Creation is truly Heaven Sent for any new mom. They provide an easy and fashionable reminder for moms. How many times has the age old question “what time did the baby eat?" been asked...too many! Now, there is no more guess work. This Bracelet answers this question for you. It not only keeps track of which breast, but it also tracks the time the baby last fed. This beautiful Tool can also be used for bottle feeding moms, as well. Simply omit the step of changing wrists (#1), this will still allow tracking of the time of day/night that the little angel fed.

Directions for use:

Made from Memory Wire, they will fit comfortably and are easy to use.

Step #1: Simply place the bracelet on the arm that coordinates to the breast that the baby last fed from. For example, if the baby fed from the left breast last then place the bracelet on the left arm.

The bracelet comes complete with number beads and an easy to use movable charm.

Step #2: Simply move the charm to the number that coordinates to the hour that the baby last fed. For example if the baby fed at 11 a.m. then the charm should be next to the number 11 bead.

All of this helps new and probably exhausted moms to remember which breast and how often their new angel is feeding from.


Each Breastfeeding Bracelet is a unique Creation, there are no two exactly alike. They are available in a variety
of colors/color combination..

Colors:  Red, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Lavender,
                 Purple, Clear, Black, Silver, Gold.

Charms:  Believe, Love, Inspire, Imagine, Wish, Paw-print, Hope, Initials


$12.00 each